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Sun, Sep. 20th, 2009, 01:18 am
Gollum attacks teenagers in Chile

I don't know if this story has hit the mainstream English-language media yet. I saw this story on a Vietnamese website for teens (someone pointed it out to me because I don't usually read this site). The article with photos is here: http://kenh14.vn/c44/t11/2009091901222978/con-quai-vat-nhay-nhua-lam-nhom-ban-teen-kinh-hon-tang-dom.chn

For those of you who don't speak Vietnamese (which is probably just about everyone reading this), here's a basic translation of the article:
A slimy "monster" makes group of teens scared out of their wits

Most recently, an extraordinary creature with an image like Gollum (the half-person/half-beast monster in the "Lord of the Rings" films) appeared unexpectedly in Chile. And it was killed on the spot.

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The pathetic creature had a totally bizarre outer appearance. It was slimy, with no hair on its body and a bald head, with a "face" that looked very much like a human face. The "Real Live Gollum" monster crept up from Lake Panama (near the Cerro Azul region, Chile), climbed up the surrounding stones and moved closer to a group of young friends.

[Still photo from Lord of the Rings movie]
Gollum in the movie

At that time, those teens were playing around on the river bank in the lake area. Unexpectedly, the monster emerged from a cave behind a waterfall. The crowd of friends screamed loudly because the creature kept dragging its feet and advancing on them like it was "preparing to attack". In a bout of fear, the friends threw rocks at the "creature" to protect themselves. After they killed the monster, they grabbed it and threw it down to the lake then ran off.

[Picture of the creature's face]
"Gollum" monster killed by teens terrified of it.

After that, the parents of those friends came to investigate and they were incredibly surprised when they saw the body of the "Gollum" curled up in the waves on the shore.

Local people described this creature as being almost like the monster Gollum in the "Lord of the Rings" movies. One friend in those witnesses tells: "Only one time I saw a creature anything close to that--that was in the film of Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings'."

[Pictures of the creature's body]
Corpse of the monster washed up on the shore.

Mr. Melquiades Ramos, a specialist working at the National Environmental Office, said he will investigate this "creature". And biologist Jacobo Arauz said that it could be a genetically mutated creature. He guesses that it could be a species belonging to the sloth genus.

[Picture of a sloth]
Is it true that the monster is a form of sloth?